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Home Treatments For Vitiligo That Work Quite Well

Many people like to assume that home treatments for various physical conditions aren’t worthwhile. However, many of these treatments have been documented and passed down from one generation to the next simply because they are actually effective.

This is particularly the case for vitiligo treatments. There’s a pair of appealing home treatments that may be used to take care of the condition. These include solutions to reverse the symptoms and the condition itself.


These are perfect for use in that they are cheaper to use than many traditional medicines and other professional treatments. The risk of side effects from these treatments is also minimal, what with these working with more natural solutions for taking care of one’s skin.

Be aware that these are only small parts of what you can do to take care of vitiligo. These may be paired with other holistic solutions to keep vitiligo from spreading or becoming worse. In fact, you might find it easier for your skin to recover when these home treatments are used in conjunction with such a plan.

Red Clay and Ginger Juice

The use of red clay and ginger juice can be very appealing. Red clay is popular for restoring skin cells and improving cell turnover. This may be mixed with ginger juice and then added onto the white patches of skin.

This can keep the spread of this condition from going too far. It also works best when in the earliest stages. If used right, it will control how this develops and therefore make it easier for a more holistic program to work for you.

Red clay can be easily found in many health care stores. This natural component is found in many red bends but can be harvested and restored to make it ready for use in many treatments.

Basil Leaves and Lime Juice

treatmentA mixture of basil leaves and lime juice can also be added. These are both available at most supermarkets.

You will have to mix these two together and apply them to your white patches. You may have to get the leaves down to a very fine powder for this to work.

This helps improve the production of melanin around the skin. This will restore the skin’s color over time as melanin is needed to keep that healthy pigment within your skin working for as long as possible.

A Quick Note

Remember to make sure these are used alongside a more thorough treatment plan like what you can read about in the Natural Vitiligo Treatment System guide. It will be easier for the condition to be resolved when home treatments and this particular guide from Michael Dawson are used together. This guide will help you discover just how effective a treatment for vitiligo can be for your body to keep it looking as great as possible.