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Seven Unique Homeopathic Vitiligo Treatments You Can Use

homeopathic treatmentHomeopathic treatments for the body often entail the use of natural and safe options for taking care of many problems within the body. These include some interesting options that, when used properly, can take care of many conditions. These include some options that may work for the treatment of vitiligo.

¬†There are no guarantees that such treatments can work for all cases of vitiligo but they are treatments that aren’t likely to cost a great deal of money or entail harmful side effects like with the use of surgical procedures, creams and corticosteroids. Here are seven great options you can use to take care of your vitiligo.

 Hydrocotyle Asiatica

This is a popular herbal treatment that is commonly known to promote clarity within the brain. However, it can also stimulate pigmentation in your skin, thus reversing the symptoms over time.

Arsenicum Sulfuratum Flavum

This is a choice that can also help in treating the body’s various skin conditions. It particularly reverses the effects of depigmentation, eczema and ulcerative lesions. It moves deep into the skin to take care of the problem from the source.


Syphilinum is a component that comes from tissues that have been impacted by a virus. The virus is removed and the toxins are diluted to where the skin can reverse conditions caused by viruses like this. This in turn keeps the skin healthy as required. This is ideal for controlling the development of vitiligo and has even been known to treat digestive issues in the body.


Silica can be important as many vitiligo patients have been known to have reduced silica levels in their bodies. It can control the body’s immune system and retain antioxidants needed to remove old skin cells that may cause some parts of vitiligo to develop. Also, it stops melanocytes within the skin from being easily destroyed.

Nitrium Acidum

This is a unique component in the skin that can help with treating vitiligo. It is a component that is loosely based on nitric acid and has been watered down enough to where it can cancel out the effects of other harmful components that might have come into the skin as a result of vitiligo.


Phosphorous is a mineral that is found in various cells around the body including skin cells. You can restore the phosphorous content in your body’s cells to potentially keep them from breaking apart and potentially causing vitiligo to become worse.


The natural flow of energy in the human body is also important. Acupuncture can be used to improve the condition of pathways around the body and make it easier for them to feel restored. This also allows the natural production of healthy skin cells, thus keeping vitiligo from being more of a threat.

These are impressive treatments that you can use right now. These are not guaranteed to work for all and they may take a while to work but they are certainly easier for your body to handle than other treatment options like surgery or medication.

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