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The Dangers of Surgery For Vitiligo

surgeryWhile it is true that there are many effective surgical procedures out there, that doesn’t mean they are always worthwhile. This is especially the case for the treatment of vitiligo. Many surgical options are offered but they have their own particular threats that can prove tob e very threatening and concerning.

 Surgery is often offered when all other treatments for vitiligo fail. It is an interesting concept but it is not without its risks. These include many risks that come from infections, blistering and even the potential for malignant skin cells to develop.

 How Surgery Works – And Their Risks

There are many surgical options that are available but they all have their own extreme problems with some of them being especially threatening to the body:

  • Excimer laser therapy may be used to treat impacted parts of the skin with UVB light. This is similar to a procedure used to treat eye conditions. However, it can also cause redness and blistering.
  • A thin split thickness graft entails skin cells from a healthy part of the body being transplanted to an impacted area. This works on the hands and lips but it can also cause visible scarring.
  • Section blister grafting works in that some larger sections of skin may be treated and applied with the ends in hardly visible spots. It can cause blistering and potentially lead to an infection.
  • Punch grafting entails small grafts added to an area with the intention of improving the production of melanin cells. This can create a cobblestone-like effect on one’s skin. This will make the skin look even more unsightly if the treatment is not done properly. There is no guarantee that it will work well for all people either, thus making it all the more threatening and concerning.
  • Transplantation surgery also entails melanocytes and keratinocytes added to the skin from normal parts. This can cause skin cell production rates to break down if done improperly. It can keep skin cells from developing properly as well. Malignant and cancerous cells can develop in the worst cases. Infections and scarring can also develop in some instances.

Other Treatments Are Available

free and happy womanWhile a surgical procedure might be interesting to some, the effects and risks can be dramatic. Therefore, it is best to think about other treatment options. Other treatments for vitiligo can include solutions entailing holistic treatments that work within the body and do not cause serious side effects. These include solutions like Michael Dawson’s Natural Vitiligo Treatment System.

Overall, it is best to stick with a more holistic approach to taking care of vitiligo. The risks that come with many other options for the treatment of this condition may prove to be too dangerous to some people and can cause real harm in some of the worst possible cases.

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